Sharmon Rester: Just getting started


Ramya Miller, Hi-Gusher

Sharmon Rester, EHS senior, is the varsity football quarterback, he has arduous goals that he wants to accomplish in the next several years, and has made the Arkansas Democrat Gazette on October 5th 2021. 

“Sharmon is the most dynamic playmaker in Arkansas High School Football,” according to El Dorado Wildcats Varsity head coach Steven Jones. Rester scored 7 of the 10 touchdowns in the game the Wildcats won 70-38 against Pine Bluff, and this has led him to be put on the Arkansas Democrat Gazette as player of the week. This is a big achievement for Sharmon, but it’s not something that this star athlete is too focused on. 

Rester isn’t only proficient in his athletic abilities, but with his humbleness as well. “I really don’t focus on being player of the week, if I get it I get it, if I don’t I’m happy for whoever else got it.” Being player of the week doesn’t inflate a big ego out of Sharmon, but he is happy about it. “It feels good, but I’m not settling for it.” Rester has bigger goals ahead for football, and his life past high school. “The goal for high school is to break more records. I would love to play at the higher level and when I get there the goal is to make history and break records also.” With this being said, Sharmon Rester has made multiple accomplishments, and wishes to continue to work hard and complete more goals that he has for himself.

Rester has always been his own motivation for his goals. “…I have always been self motivated with my dreams and what I wanted.” Playing football brings Sharmon happiness along with other aspects. “It brings joy to me to be with everyone every single day, getting better, and being a leader.” This is why he likes football, it gives Rester the opportunities to become a better leader, and it allows him to be with his teammates that he really cares about. Through his determination and integrity, Sharmon feels and knows that he can accomplish his goals and succeed.