Wrestling Team

Sarah Beeman, EHS Hi-Gusher Staff

A new Wrestling Club at EHS happening now for students who are interested in wrestling. It is coached by Streetman and Johnson.

Coach Streetman expressed, “the AAA (World Heavyweight Championship) is taking precautions similar to other sports. They have set guidelines for all athletes, coaches, and facilities to follow throughout the season. We will wear our masks at all events, unless participating. We will also maintain social distancing rules at all times.” Streetman states that “we will have a conference tournament and a state tournament, similar to other sports. They will both be held in February.”

Streetman acknowledges that in meetings, we will “have anywhere from 2-4 teams per event.” He further details, “once everyone arrives, all athletes check their weights, while monitored by a referee or coach. Once the teams weigh in, 2 teams at a time compete against one another. They typically start at a lowest class (106 lbs) and work all the way up to the heaviest class (285 lbs). Once all the wrestlers have competed against each other, we will rotate the team we compete against. You will typically wrestle all teams that are present at a “duel” (name of wrestling competition)You will do this for both males and females.”

Typically Streetman says, “girls will wrestle girls, and boys will wrestle boys. In some circumstances, they will wrestle the opposite gender. This is mainly because women’s wrestling is still growing, and the numbers are not as high as male numbers. We will wrestle a male versus female if we need them to get experience. So far there are more males joining than females, as our roster sits right now, we have 23 male and 7 female wrestlers.” 

Streetman says, “no more can join, because practice is starting. Going into next year we hope that the program can continue to grow and we want new athletes to join the program.” 

Streetman believes that ¨wrestling is one of the toughest sports out there. I believe the work that our wrestlers put in, they can bring to EHS. Hard work, effort, positive attitude, and commitment, are all the things that these student athletes can take into classrooms as well as life. We want them to be positive role models as well as influences to anyone they come into contact with.” The benefits he details are “teaching them how to work and interact with others. I can’t tell you how excited we are to get this new program rolling at EHS. Coach Johnson and I are excited, and I know our wrestlers are excited!”