Extreme Youth Programs Are Holding Fun Activities That Encourage Drug Free Living

Ramya Miller, Hi-Gusher

The eXtreme Youth Programs at EHS has multiple things going on around El Dorado during the first semester of the 2021-2022 school year, to make spreading the awareness of drug and alchohol dangers fun.

The president of eXtreme, me, Mrs.Jill, and other eXtreme members have come up with some activities that we could do over the school year. For our first few meetings in August, we talked about how things were going to be in the group, and all of the ground rules we would have to folllow. On the 14th of September members voted on the secretary, vice president, and the president of eXtreme. Kailee Johnson was elected the secretary, Amilah Hall was elected vice president, and I was elected president. 

In the same month, eXtreme members volunteered at the Union County Fair, they had a booth set up to hand out tattoos to children, and they gave out papers and pamphlets on the dangers of drugs and alchohol. 

For October, eXtreme members at EHS are having a county-wide team building day with the other chapters of eXtreme around Union County. Extreme is also doing a Great American VAPEout in November. In December we’re having a holiday party, and we’re handing out awards to members that have done an outstanding job as being a part of activities we hold, and for other skills.

There are more fun activities to come in the second semester like SMART Moves, a conference with all of the eXtreme chapters, and an end of the year banquet.